Ark of Mystery Slot – RTP 96,53%

Ark of Mystery Slot
Ark Of Mystery Slot

Ark Of Mystery Slot

Ark of Mystery video slot is inspired by the Egyptian theme and the immense riches associated with this ancient civilization.

Music extols the title of the game, which keeps us in an atmosphere of mystery.

The background of the screen is occupied so it appears to be the center of a room with Egyptian columns and lots of coins scattered across the floor.

Payouts, and symbols of the Ark of  Mystery Slot

The minimum bet ranges from EUR 20.00 to EUR 100.00 and the game has 20 paylines in a 5 x 3 distribution.

The Ark of Mystery is a game that features bonus rounds thanks to the Ark’s Wild Card symbol.

The Ark’s Wildcard symbol appears on reels two, three, or four and triggers this special feature of the game.

Special features of the Ark of Mystery

The Ark’s Wildcard symbol locks where it appears and rewards you with a free-spin round. At the beginning of each spin, the Ark’s Wildcard symbols multiply This allows you to increase the chance of free spins!

Multiply Booster Symbol

Another special feature of the game is given thanks to the booster symbol of multiplication or Multiplayer Booster. This symbol appears exclusively in lane number 5. Each of these symbols that appear on the reels increases your X 1 gains.

Each gain of each spin is in turn multiplied by the multiplier at the top of the on-screen board You can win up to 21 multiplication symbols! This makes the game really interesting when it comes to suddenly increasing your winnings.

Winning lines are: the wild symbol can replace any symbol except the Multiplayer Booster. It appears anywhere in lanes 2 and 4.

The protagonist is a young explorer in the style of Lara Croft who pays from 25.00 EUR to 5000.00 EUR appearing two, three, four or five times.

In the list of payments of the symbols follows:

The Eye of Ra that pays to appear three, four or five times from 250.00 EUR, 600.00 euros, and 1200. EUR 00 respectively. Follow the fuchsia beetle symbol that pays from 100.00 EUR to 600.00 EUR as well as the symbol of the Cross of Anj.

The lines continue with traditional symbols such as A, K, Q, J, and 10, which pay 25.00 EUR to 50.00 EUR up to 200.00 EUR. These values correspond to the maximum bet which is EUR 100.00 for all paylines.

Many players are attracted to the aesthetics of Quickspin games, as they are often adaptations of stories and movies with a great aesthetic and technological concern, within reach of anyone who wants to live special gaming experience.

Ark Of Mystery Slot

Ark Of Mystery Slot

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